#It surprises Mickey how different the Doctor looks without his leather jacket#Like suddenly just because he has one layer less he’s half his size #He figures it must be some weird alien thing because he has no idea how it works #The Doctor’s always seemed so big and harsh and rude; always ready with a hard quip to shut him up if he complains #(Mickey’s still sore about the whole Rickey thing and he’s made it a point to choose his words more carefully around him #just in case another ‘you THINK you know your own name?’ situation occurs and he ends up looking the idiot) #But for some reason standing here in the low light of the TARDIS without his leather jacket #the Doctor looks smaller - more vulnerable… almost sad #and Mickey wonders if maybe something bad’s happened to him in the past #maybe that’s why he’s so brash and rude and wraps a big leather coat around him like it’s armour #But he’s just Rickey the Idiot right? What does he know? (via winterinthetardis)

 #stupid nili and her stupid life-ruining tags #YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE #IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT